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optometrists CalgaryAn optometrist is an eye doctor, capable of treating many conditions, as long as surgery isn’t required. When should you see a Calgary optometrist, and what conditions require a doctor’s care?

If you have a sudden onset of head pain and blurred vision, see a doctor. If you’ve seen a doctor about migraines and recurring headaches and they don’t have an answer, see your optometrist. The problem may be due to a change in your vision, such as worsening nearsightedness or developing astigmatism.

If you have constantly itchy eyes or eye irritation, talk to your doctor about allergy medication. If the doctor says it is due to sunlight exposure or glare, talk to an optometrist or optician about glasses that block the glare while maintaining clear vision.

For minor sources of irritation like a scratched cornea because your child rubbed his or her eyes with sharp fingernails, either a doctor or optometrist can help.

For minor eye infections like pink eye, an optometrist is as qualified as a doctor for advice. For eye infections that have caused the eyelashes to curl in upon themselves, you need a medical doctor like an ophthalmologist. For infections that may be due to improperly sterilized contact lenses, try to speak with an optometrist or ophthalmologist first.

For chronic dry eyes due to aging tear ducts, an optometrist is just as capable of prescribing artificial tears as your doctor.

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If you have a foreign object in your eye, an optometrist can take out small items, but a medical doctor like an ophthalmologist is required for serious cases like a racquetball to the face.

If your employer says you need safety glasses, visit an optician to find a pair that works right for you. If you think you need safety glasses with your vision correction prescription built in, talk to an optician if you have an existing prescription or an optometrist to find out what vision correction you need.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your medical doctor will provide ongoing medical supervision for your disorder. The optometrist can measure the pressure in the eye, check for irregular bleeding or retinal detachment and monitor your vision. Diabetics should see an optometrist annually.

If you think you are developing cataracts, visit an optometrist for a formal diagnosis. You’ll be referred to an ophthalmologist for lens replacement if appropriate.

If you are seeing floaters in your vision, you should typically see an optometrist. However, if the floaters are visible immediately after a serious head injury, see your doctor first.

If you see halos around lights or have developed reddening of the eye, visit an optometrist to see if you have glaucoma. However, if you have a sudden onset of visual disturbances, eye pain, headaches, facial flushing or dizziness, see your doctor. Glaucoma can accompany high blood pressure and hypertension, but the signs of dangerously high blood pressure need to be addressed before you see the optometrist.

Talk to an optometrist in Calgary if your child says the words on the page are blurry or seem to move, before you assume a condition like dyslexia. If the child’s vision tests as normal, then talk to your doctor.

Visit the optometrist if your child seems unduly clumsy or poorly coordinated, before taking the child to the doctor. Conditions like strabismus can throw off someone’s depth perception and lead to poor balance and hand-eye coordination.

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